My Shoulder Feels Stabbing Pain – What Causes It?

Do you have a pain in the shoulder that feels like someone is stabbing it? Most of the time, this is a symptom of an injury. However, some nerve conditions may also contribute to the pain in the joint that supports the left or right shoulders. In this case, it is best that you know what possible diseases or health concerns may cause such condition.

What Are The Common Symptoms?

A pain in the shoulder may be interpreted as stabbing if it feels like a poking ache. However, here are some other possible interpretation of pain:

What Causes This Sensation?

A nerve injury may produce pain that feels like a stabbing sensation. This is due to an irritation in the area which may also be a source of other sensations. For example, if you lifted a heavy object with a compromised position, it could lead to rotator cuff pain. This should be avoided if you know how to properly lift an object above your head.

A TMJ syndrome may also contribute to the aches in the shoulder that you may have. This is unusually mild but actually comes from the jaw joint. You may have sensations in the cheeks, neck and then leading to the shoulders. You may consult your dentist or orthodontist if you suspect that your symptom is related to your jaw.

Nerve pain is also a condition that may produce sensations inside the shoulders. If you have an irritated nerve somewhere in the neck area, it could lead to symptoms in the shoulders. You should carefully assess your pain and see if there are certain positions that cause you pain.

Is There An Effective Treatment?

Shoulder exercises may be recommended by your doctor. However, always be careful in moving your shoulders abruptly as it may worsen the condition. In this case, some doctors will first resort to pain relieve treatment and will let the pain subside. The body may heal the injury on its own with enough rest.

On the other hand, physical therapy is usually provided to patients with this symptom. The doctor will give the right treatment program for you so you can present it to your physical therapist of choice.

Can I Still Do Weight Lifting and Training?

If you frequently hit the gym for weight training, you may want to skip it in the next few days so you can allow your shoulder to heal naturally. However, your doctor may prescribe what activities are fine with your condition.

Is this covered by Health Insurance?

Most of the time, an injury in the shoulders is covered but you may need to first inquire with yoru provider just to make sure. In any case, you may want to use your healthcard whenever possible.

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