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These IP addresses and e-mail addresses are collected by the web servers for the purpose of providing me with statistics related to the demographics and condition of the Discuss-health.com access features.
The information being collected by Discuss-health.com is used ONLY for reviews of the site’s internal structure and condition in order to develop new features and improve the site’s traffic and contents. These details are only saved as demographic and generic data and are not used to identify or divulge personal info of Discuss-health.com’s visitors. They are only used for statistical analysis to see how Discuss-health.com is performing.

Discuss-health.com will never intentionally distribute or sell your personal info (if ever they are received with your consent) to third party entities.


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The third party advertisers at Discuss-health.com may collect information from users which will not include your name, address, e-mail address, phone number or any specific data identification unless you provided them voluntarily in any cases.

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